Magnus Wallin
Sales Director Horecapartners

Horecapartners will build a new era of wine trade in Sweden where restaurants today need quality, advice and training at a new level.


Sweden has over 20 000 restaurants licensed for sales of wine and spirits. In 1992, the figure was 6 000. Over the past ten years, the restaurant industry turnover has increased by 50 %, and sales have for the first time exceeded 100 billion SEK. Today, restaurants in Sweden see wine importers as an important working partner. They require quality and a serious supplier, a partner who can advise, train and contribute to the development of wine lists and beverage concepts in totally new ways. We wish to offer the restaurant sector the best possible selection of wines combined with the best possible craftmanship and reliability.

Many of us who work at Horecapartners have a background from the restaurant sector, or alternatively many years of experience of selling to this channel. Professional purchasers require the best sales people, and we are proud to call our sales force “The Dream Team” given the level of experience within the sales force.

If we can supply a broad range of products we can also build longer lasting business relations, giving all parties profitability. Today Horecapartners offer one of the most attractive on-trade portfolios, with close to 600 different wines and other alcoholic beverages from all around the world. At present, Horecapartners have about 300 large restaurant customers and we deliver close to 600 000 bottles of wine during 2018. We are therefore a strong partner and channel to the producers who wish to reach this financially strong, important Swedish target group in the growing on-trade business.