The Wine Room

Bojana Fellsman
Building strong brand

Building strong brands wine that invests in effective and innovative marketing. With crossover communication, traditional marketing and new media, we are ”top of mind” with our portfolio.

Building strong brands

Branding is as important as the quality of the wines. Despite the fierce competition, regulations and restrictions in today’s Nordic market, we know how to cut through and reach out. Consumers decision process is still influenced by what they see and hear from restaurants, bar venues, media and friends. Therefore, we reach out to our consumers through many types of media being on the forefront in the digital field. By choosing the right channel for the right product, we reach interested ambassadors with new products and concepts – and the ball can start rolling.

With crossover communication we are “top of mind” with our portfolio. We acknowledge that we need to look upon our business as one of lifestyle driven products, and act per this for success in a wider perspective. We tailor-make effective strategies, market plans and activities for each individual brand in close collaboration with producers, distributors and media. Our showroom, The Wine Room, functions both as a consumer panel to detect trends, and a shop window as a marketing tool.

Our public relations office and marketing division reach out to the right media and magazines. We maintain good relationships with industry media, lifestyle magazines, the blogosphere, daily newspapers and financial media, as well as the important trendsetters in culture, fashion, industry and business.

The Wine Room

Our showroom, The Wine Room, provides us with a modern window to detect trends and market our producers and selected wines. The Wine Room is a club for people who enjoy life. It functions as a showroom for our products and as a two-way communication platform to pick up thoughts and ideas from the end consumer.

As wine enthusiasts, we love to look for exciting new wines all around the world. Our promise to our members is that joining The Wine Room will bring exceptional enjoyment in the world of wines. Our club is a well-developed meeting point with a wide range of activities, tastings, competitions and access to our newsletters –and you are invited!