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The Beverage Group is one of the leading importers of alcoholic beverages in the nordic countries. We represent some of the most well-known, and strongest brands on the market.

Quick decision making and fast implementation are our keys to success. Dedicated owners and management are always available at the service of our producers and clients. Our mission is to build strong brands with a price and communication strategy that gives each product the best possible sales argument. Our range of products always matches the best international brands in quality, style and expression.

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Your nordic partner

We have a long term relationship and close communication with our producers. Those relationships make the frame for building our brands and set our priorities straight. Only together with our producers we can be truly successful.

Welcome to The Beverage Group

The Beverage Group is an established leading Nordic importer, representing some of the strongest brands in the market. With a close partnership with our producers we have gained significant competitive advantages and offer unmatched products to the monopolies in Sweden, Finland and Norway as well as the HORECA-sector.

Working with The Beverage Group, you will have access to no less than three markets – Sweden, Norway and Finland. We have offices in Stockholm, Oslo and Helsinki and sharing information is never far away. Distributing our products in all three markets has huge advantages, meaning that we can put more work time in each producer that we collaborate with.

Our greatest asset

No market is easy, but the Nordics are somewhat different due to the statecontrolled monopolies regulating sales. To succeed we need to have the best experts within purchasing, quality management, sales and logistics to break through in a very competitive environment. No brands, no matter how widely known, is being sold without motivated staff.

Long-term relationships and close communication with our producers build our brands and set our priorities. Only together with our producers we can be truly successful. Collaborations has since day one been a key feature of our strategy to establish a strong Nordic company with all competences and services needed for our producers.

Steadily growing

The Beverage Group is the parent company of a company group that imports and sells alcoholic beverages to the Nordic market since 2005. The Beverage Group sells over 700 quality wines and other alcoholic beverages on three Nordic markets Sweden, Norway and Finland. Currently the company is expanding its business to other European countries and making introductions to US market.

Our achievements include obtaining many top selling wines with a long-term sales performance and a turnover of € 93 million.

The Beverage Group Sales

3,5 Million liters

3,5 Millon liters

850 000 liters

5 Million cans

500 000 bottles

400 000 bottles

2,5 Million bottles

250 000 bottles

1 000 000 bottles

RESTAURANT – on trade
600 000 bottles of wine

Sustainable operations

Being one of the major Nordic companies within alcoholic beverages
comes with responsibilities.

We take pride in fair business relations all through the supply chain, always being compliant with marketing rules and regulations. To be truly successful we build long term relations, not only with the end consumer who love our wines, but also with the production- and logistics side. Striving for efficiency is a cost saver for all parts involved, not least for the environment. Therefore, we constantly evaluate and improve our entire operation, and we have a strong focus in finding the best organic and environmentally sustainable products.

We follow the guidelines for sustainability issues stated by the amfori BSCI code of conduct, and support our producers if they need information within this field. The main part of our goods is transported by train to make the least possible environmental impact. Goods coming out of the warehouse is being co-transported for the same reason.


New steps for constructive climate responsibility

– The Beverage Group becomes a part of industry´s climate initiative

We are now officially member of industry’s climate initiative DKI Dryckesbranschens klimatinitiativ. To succeed in keeping global warming below 1.5 degrees, everyone must work together. Therefore, several companies, our selves included, in the Swedish beverage industry have decided to take on the challenge together. As a participant in the Beverage industry’s climate initiative, we commit to reporting our climate impact once a year, setting our own targets for reduced climate impact, working for improving and contributing to the initiative’s common goals:

  • 100% resource-efficient and fossil-free domestic transport and an increasing proportion of fossil-free transport abroad.
  • 100% resource-efficient and recyclable packaging.
  • 100% renewable electricity and energy in own operations and an increasing share in the entire supply chain.
  • A strategy for measurable primary production and cultivation.


We offer 100 different brands from a range of 700 quality wines

The Wine Room is a digital wineclub and marketing channel showing our entire assortment to end-consumers. As in-store campaigns of wine and alcohol beverages in monopoly stores is forbidden a personal approach with digital wineclub is a prefect marketing platform to present a compelling message to consumers. We offer exciting wines from all over the world where our range of beverages cover all types of wines and origins, and among our producers you will find both modern innovators and faithful traditionalists. Our promise to our members of The Wine Room is to bring exceptional enjoyment in the world of wines.

Today The Wine Room is a marketing platform presenting our assortment to all Nordic monopoly markets.

www.thewineroom.se www.thewineroom.no www.thewineroom.fi

The Beverage Group

Since 2005 the owners of The Beverage Group continuously strive to have the best offer in the Nordic alcohol beverage market. In 2018 The Beverage Group had a turnover of € 93 million. Our vision is to be a branch leader within 5 years.

Our product management- and sales team have a wide reach from our Nordic offices. We cooperate with leading distributors in in the Nordics to strengthen our logistics- and administration capacity.

It all started with an idea to build the company on great relations and service. We love traditions but believe in results.


The Beverage Group


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Fight against cancer continues.

The Beverage Group is proud to contribute and be children’s supporter 2020 for the Swedish Childhood Cancer Fund that works to ensure that affected children, teens and their families receive the care and support they need.

Our team

Our staff members have many years’ experience from the industry.

To succeed we need to have the best experts within purchasing, quality management, sales and logistics to break through in a very competitive environment. No brands, no matter how widely known, is being sold without motivated staff.

Mattias Grahn
+46 (0)768 939 501
Addi Suko
+46 (0)768 939 502
Peter Broman
Business Development Director/Partner
+46 (0)768 939 504
Alfredo Ketterer
Managing Director Norway/Partner
+47 950 17 552
Mats Olauson
Managing Director Sweden
+46 (0)768 939 869
Daniel Pasalic
Managing Director Finland
+46 (0)768 004 277
Jörgen Andersson
Managing Director International
+46 (0)702 540 701
Bojana Radovic Fellsman
Head of Marketing
+46 (0)768 007 706
Pierre Höglund
Logistics Director Nordic
+46 (0)703 274 528
Linda Kallio
Head of Finance
+46 (0)702 24 62 93
Emil Suko
Business Development Manager
+46 (0)707 122 852
Jens Lindberg
Product & Development Manager
+46 (0)768 939 503
Filip Nilsson
Purchasing & Development Manager
+46 (0)704 925 669
Thorbjörn Ludvigsson
Product Manager
+46 (0)708 90 08 08
Linda Abrahamsson
CSR & Product Manager
+46 (0)76 544 00 61
Magnus Wallin
Logistics and Market Analysis
+46 (0)76 544 00 72
Moa Appelqvist
Financial Controller
+46 (0) 73 901 50 54
Martina Jansson
Account Manager Wholesale
+46 (0)730 969 213


Hangövägen 20
115 41 Stockholm, Sweden