Daniel Pasalic
Managing Director Finland
+46 (0)768 004 277

Winepartners Finland was established in 2014 and is today the most ambitious company in the market. Our goal is to be one of the biggest importers in the country. The Finnish wine market is still young and it has great potential – Finnish customers are interested in wine and are open minded. This gives us the opportunity of being part in developing wine culture in Finland, but we cannot do it without our producers and partners. For the moment Winepartners Finland is focusing on Alko, but we are open to all business opportunities. Our strength at Winepartners is active everyday collaboration between all three Nordic countries; Finland, Norway and Sweden. Our decisionmaking is quick and efficient due to a flat organization and unmatched know-how of the business. Our logistics partner in Finland is Ab ME Group Oy Ltd.

Alcoholic beverages in Finland are sold through the state-owned monopoly Alko, running 353 stores. The Finnish monopoly sell about 60 million liters of wine.