The Beverage Group

"We build new traditions through great relations and service"

The owners of the Beverage Group import and sell wines to the Swedish market since 2005. We continuously strive to be the new contender in the Nordic market. Our vision is to be a branch leader within 5 years.

The sales division reaches all customers from our offices in Sweden. We cooperate with other leading distributors in various markets to strengthen our logistic and administration capacity.

Since it's start the Beverage Group is experiencing rapid and planned growth. Our achievements include obtaining new listings in the product range offered by Systembolaget AB (the Swedish Alcohol Retailing Monopoly).

Vi söker: Brand Manager & Produktchef till Bevarage Group

Vi söker: Redovisningsekonom / Ekonom till Bevarage Group

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The brand stores of Systembolaget is owned by the Swedish government and as such a single, national company with a retail network of 418 stores and over 500 agents serving smaller communities. Systembolaget´s product range is one of the most comprehensive in the world. It is being developed continuously to match changes in trends.

We are currently creating an additional new architected gateway to access the Nordic market with sales and marketing for our brands Our idea of specialised divisions is an excellent illustration of our innovative way of thinking; they serve as a professional service support as well as being the representation for our brand portfolio. Being connected to the market on a daily basis makes us up to date to on all new trends and the consumers demands.

We develop, market and distribute beverage brands through our subsidiaries, Winepartners, Brandpartners, Spiritpartners and the Wineroom. The product range includes wine and spirits like grappa and brandy. We will continue to expand and form a new beverage landscape and our divisions will uncover previously unexposed consumer needs for the future.

Our flagship brands, Castillo de Anna BIB, Castelforte Amarone, Castelforte Ripasso, Castelforte Appassimento BIB, VDV oak aged BIB, Charles Mignon Champagne, Reverdy Sancerre, Corvina Veronese, LAT 42, Concannon, Glen Ellen, Pierre Sparr Pinot Gris, LaCheze that we sell to Systembolaget, stands out in a crowd, providing a premium experience, from taste all the way through to look and style. We currently offer over 100 products in our shared portfolio at Systembolaget.

Through our branding strategies we offer captive brand programs, provide retailers with comprehensive solutions including brand development, product formulation, marketing, warehousing and distributing.

Excellence in Business

Since we started the Beverage Group in 2008, we have established ourselves as one of the leading Swedish importers, dealing mainly in wine with some other high-end alcoholic beverages.

Our next step in our shared vision to create a new Nordic landscape for beverage distribution have acquired significantly enhanced interest on the Danish, Norwegian and Finnish markets.

In addition to our daily business with Systembolaget, the on-trade market is also a very exciting market for us as we posess years of experience and knowledge in this area. Today our clients can be found in all hotel and restaurant businesses. High profile venues, elite clubs, as well as smaller local establishments.

We develop a premium experience with our clients from taste, to packaging, to image, which has ultimately been well recieved in a market seeking to identify a perceived high caliber product.

Through our subsidiaries we offer a turnkey program for clients from brand development through to product manufacturing in return for supply agreements.

Our idea is to differentiate ourselves with our partners through branding and price positioning that recieve premium shelf space, and generally with products that match international as well as national brands in terms of quality.

Despite the brand development and promotion costs, brands with a higher margin are gaining favor across all sectors and categories. This has become especially true in recent years given the rough economic environment, which has consumers and retailers alike looking for ways to save money but not sacrifice quality.

By partnership with our retailers we gain significant competitive advantage and can offer unmatched support.

Our staff leads the way

Our Nordic market is different in several aspects from other European markets due to the existence of a state-controlled sales monopoly regulating the consumer market. So to succeed we need to have professionals representing our portfolios.

Experts with great knowledge and market experiences within the sales and logistic areas is required to break through in a very competetive market. No brands, no matter how wellknown is being sold without motivated staff. The brands needs to be represented all the way in the supply chain.

So the best way towards success we believe is branding our products proactively with ongoing sales analyses for best possible support and having staff believing in our products. In our fields of action, to predict the trends of the future, we also work within a network to track all new movements on the market.

All our staff members have many years experience from the industry. These synergies in our divisons, as we work very closely, adds values and knowledge that we share with our clients on a daily basis.

Our teams create functional and tailor made programs with our retailers, full service marketing, special events and promotions on demand.

Relations build brands

At present, the Beverage Group markets and sells over 300 quality wines. Several being success stories and brand new sensations on the market. It is the long term relationships and communication with our producers that build our brands and set our priorities straight.

We believe that only together with our producers being as interested in developing production processes and suitable packaging for the Swedish market, we can be truly succesful.

The Beverage Group consists of:
In Sweden Winepartners AB, Brandpartners AB, Spiritpartners AB. In Norway Winepartners AS. In Finland Winepartners OY and for all of the North The Wineroom.

We opened our Wineroom in 2010. This being an independent window that serves as a showroom for our selection of wines.

We collaborate with leading Nordic suppliers that provides us with increased synergies with in logistics and distribution. Collaborations is a key feature of our strategy to establish a Nordic company with all competences and services needed for our producers.

Our subsidiaries and dedicated sales teams cover all the Nordic markets. We also work closely with the two leading food and kitchen equipment wholesalers in Sweden - Martin & Servera and Menigo. Many parts of our range are included in their selections. Relations Build Brands


Better market position

All companies within the Beverage Group are sharing the same foundation of finances, distribution and stock-keeping. This allows us to keep costs down while creating the best possible business position.

It also means that the various Beverage Group companies can offer our partners the security, sound finances and service of a big company with the closeness and flexibility that can only be found in a small one. But we will always aim to become even stronger in terms of logistics, administration and stock-keeping.

The owners

Beverage Group is owned by Addi Suko and Mattias Grahn who have substantial experience and knowledge concerning the Swedish wine and spirits market.

Mattias Grahn CFO /partner The Beverage Group
Addi Suko, CEO/partner The Beverage Group

The brands

Some of our producers;

The Wine Group, Anecoop, Cantine Riondo, United Wineries, Domaine Bousquet, Binderer St. Ursula, Danubiana, Marqués de Monistrol, Bodegas ASTER, Charles Mignon, Vinas del Vero, La Rioja ALTA, Etike, Pierre Sparr, Charles Mignon, Reverdy Ferry Vins, Baroncini, Château Prat Majou Gay, Lagar de Fornelos, Grupo de Bodegas de Alejandro Fernádez, Groot Constantia Estate, Bodegas Carchelo , Bodegas Proelio, Bodegas Y Vinedos Tamaral, Whitehaven Wine Company Ltd, Distilleria Bocchino Morgenster Estate, Marques de Valencia/ La Vina, Kinmon Akita Sake Brewery Co & many of our own brands like CASA NOSTRA, Il Coure per Martina, Zupreme Zinfandel, Il Tre Fratelli etc.

The Beverage Group is one of the largest importers of alcoholic beverages to Systembolaget, Vinmonopolet & ALKO and exports to five countries outside of the Nordic monopoly markets. The Beverage Group consists of Winepartners Nordic AB, Brandpartners AB, Spiritpartners AB, Janake Wine Group AB, Horecapartners AB, Winepartners Nordic AS, Janake Wine Group AS, Winepartners Finland OY and the wine club In all countries import The Beverage Group around 12 million liters of wine. The Beverage Group target is to reach a record high turnover close to100 million euros during 2018.


Branding is as important as the quality of the wines

We are an urban business company that invest in effective and innovative marketing and PR. We create winning concepts and campaigns with selected marketing professionals with both a local and global understanding of our market and products.

This material provides our sales support with a two-way result driven communication. Altought we have to keep in mind that laws and restrictons in the Nordic region limits us to reach out all the way sometimes. So choices being made is still very influenced by hotel-, restaurant-, and bar venues, general media, friends and the staff at Systembolaget.

So we decided long ago to reach out to our consumers through social media in various ways. In this manner we reach interested ambassadeurs with new products and concepts. With crossover communication, classic marketing and new media, we aim to be "top of mind" with our portfolio. We do acknowledge that we need to look upon our business as a lifestyle driven market, and act according to this for success in a wider perspective.

New traditions being tailored We work closely with producers, distributors, media and markets to fuse new activities that form effective market plans and strategies for each individual brand.

Our new showroom, the Wineroom, provides us with a modern window to detect trends and market our producers and selected wines. Our public relations office and eventmaking division reach the sufficient media and magazines. We always try to maintain a good relationship with the industry media, lifestyle magazines, blogosphere, daily newspapers and financial media, as well as the important trendsetters in culture, fashion, industry and business.

Horecapartners building new era of wine-trade in SWEDEN


At the moment, Sweden’s best restaurants see wine importers as important working partners. The restaurants that are in the absolute top class with regards to quality of ingredients and offerings look for serious suppliers of wine, who can satisfy their requirements regarding quality in every aspect.

The restaurants that are just under the top class also wish to have quality, but above all, they want a partner who can advise, train and contribute to the development of wine lists and beverage concepts in various ways.

Horecapartners primary customer group consists of restaurants in these two classes. Serving thru restaurants accounts for about 10 % of total consumption of alcoholic beverages in Sweden.

If you just look at sales of wine thru restaurants, this amount is over 10 %, and has increased consistently during the last few years. Sweden have over 20,000 restaurants licensed for the sale of wines and spirits. In 1992, the equivalent figure was 6,000 restaurants. Over the past ten years, the restaurant industry's turnover has increased by 50 %, and sales have for the first time exceeded to SEK 100 billion SEK.

Even although sales are sharply growing, it is an industry with small margins for the restaurateurs. Just therefore, we have an important role in the construction of the HORECA sector.

Many of us who work at Horecapartners have a background from the restaurant sector, or alternatively many years of experience of selling to this sector. This has given us considerable competitive advantages, since we understand the requirements and working situation of the sector. We attach great importance to having a close dialogue with our restaurant customers and our sales people are continually trained so that they can act as much as consultants as sales people.

We wish to offer the restaurant sector the best possible selection of wines, in parallel with knowledge and reliability. Professional purchasers require professional sales people. We are proud to call our sales force “The Dream Team“.

In order to maintain our position as Sweden’s leading importer of wines for restaurants, we need to have a good offer within different price segments, in addition to our knowledge. If we can supply a broad range, we can also build longer, more lasting business relations, which gives better profitability for all parties. For the moment have Horecapartners one of the most attractive on-trade portfolios, with close to 600 different wines from round the world. We achieve good, personal relations with our customers and producers.

At present, Horecapartners have about 300 large restaurants customers and we delivery close to 400,000 bottles of wine during 2017. We are therefore a strong partner and channel to the producers who wish to reach this financially strong, important Swedish target group in a growing market.


A club for people who enjoy life.

As a member, you will always be up to date regarding the latest news from our companys; Winepartners, Brandpartners and Spiritpartners. Our aim is to present the best value wines.

As wine enthusiasts we love to look for exciting new wines all around the world. Our promise to you is that a membership in The Wine Room will bring you exceptional enjoyment in the world of wines.

Our club is a well developed meeting point with a wide range of activities, tastings, competitions
and access to our newsletters.

Added values with the best logistics partner in Nordic

Sweden Logistics Solution POSTNORD

To be present on the market in the right way due to the volume growth of the Beverage Group, its important to have the best partner in distribution and logistics. Our new Co-operation with PostNord will take us to a new level due to their effective distribution to the Systembolaget stores that is important to secure stock and build growth. PostNords warehouse are equipped with the latest computer technology, all type of logistical solutions are environmentally friendly and is based on an efficient cost. PostNord is locaded in Jordbro just outside the important Stockholm area.

Norway Logistics Solution TREBUCHET

Being a key part of our business strategy, we demand the best services the market can provide: on time deliveries with environmental responsibility and cost-efficiency. Based on that, we chose to partner Trebuchet; not only because it provides us the best transport, distribution and storage cost, but the certainty of being the logistics company with the highest score for better lead-time from order to delivery, correct product delivery, service level on special modules as quarter pallets and delivering on time to the monopoly, for the last 2 years.

Finland Logistics Solution ME GROUP

Me Group are one of the biggest providers of ALKO, Duty Paid, Tax Free and Provisions services in Finland and the Baltic Sea area where they handle all logistics, storage and delivery services for our international partners. Me Group extensive network of offices, located in Helsinki, Turku, Rauma, Oulu, Tallinn, Mariehamn and Stockholm ensure our customers of a friendly service. Through experience, professionalism and continuous improvement of the range of services Me Group guarantee all partners and customers a quality service that runs smoothly, is impartial and addresses their principal needs. This forms an integral part of Me Groups operations and is the basis of the client-focused service.